A comprehensive report of the land of mexico

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A comprehensive report of the land of mexico

Congress subsequently passed the Secure Fence Act of Chief among these are: Primary Pedestrian Fencing — that runs directly along the border and is intended to prevent crossings on foot.

Secondary Fencing — that runs behind Primary Fencing, usually separated by a Patrol Road that allows the Border Patrol to monitor the area between fences.


Tertiary Pedestrian Fencing — that runs behind the Secondary Fencing, intended to prevent attempts to cross the border on foot. Vehicle Fencing — that prohibits motorized vehicles from crossing. As of MayDHS had installed: These numbers are virtually the same as the numbers available inindicating no measurable progress.

But, given the growth in worldwide migration and the emergence of new threats along the southern border, it is essential that the fence be completed and supplemented by other security structures — including walls where appropriate. To date, sixty-five other countries have built security fences and other barriers to protect themselves from large scale migration and the infiltration of terrorists.

Building a New and Improved Border Fence Much of the existing barrier along the southern border hardly qualifies as a fence or wall. Only short stretches is a heavy-duty barrier installed in a concrete footing or double-layered fencing separated by a patrol road.

The Trump administration has promised to build a better security barrier on the southern border. Since making this a priority, there have been numerous estimates on what such an endeavor would cost.

The primary plan includes a constructing a single-layer wall in the most problematic areas where a sufficient barrier does not exist.

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This figure was derived by Bernstein, a leading development research firm that specializes in large-scale building projects. Bernstein bases their model on the effective design that Israel used for its concrete wall on the West Bank.

This is a reasonable comparison because the objective is largely the same, and much of the U.

A comprehensive report of the land of mexico

After initial construction, especially if high-tech monitoring devices are installed, there will be annual maintenance costs. These next-generation devices are already being tested and used along the southern border.

Annual total maintenance costs have varied greatly since the Secure Fence Act was passed.

Bellingham Comprehensive Plan

It can reasonably be assumed that annual maintenance will cost considerably more than it has in the past. However, a well maintained border barrier is likely to reduce some of the high costs associated with interior immigration enforcement. Another possibility, should cost, environmental concerns and technical difficulties become a major concern, would be to construct more double-layered wired fence in low-traffic areas instead of a concrete wall.

Combined with hi-tech monitoring equipment such as ground sensors and aerial monitoring, this approach could yield success comparable to that experienced by other nations, such as Israel, that have built similar barriers in lightly-populated deserts. President-elect Trump, the Department of Homeland Security and Congress will have to conduct a careful cost-benefit analysis to determine which construction method is appropriate for each sector of the U.

Regardless of which approach is taken, securing the southern border is a sound fiscal investment. In fact, if the project only results in a 5 percent reduction in the annual cost of illegal immigration to American taxpayers, and construction and maintenance costs reach the most expensive estimates, it would pay for itself after only six years.

With illegal immigration, drug trafficking and human smuggling an ongoing problem, and the threat of terrorism ever increasing, it is critical that a proper security barrier be constructed.

A physical barrier on the southern border is a necessity if our government wishes to meet its obligation to protect the sovereignty and security of the United States of America.

Besides helping stem the tide of illegal immigration, it also limits the ability of drug cartels, human traffickers, terrorists and other national security threats to access the United States from Mexico and the rest of Central and South America.

Furthermore, a secure border sends the message that prospective immigrants are expected to follow the rule of law.This report on states bordering the Gulf of Mexico (Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas) rep- resents the first in a series that will eventually include the.

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A comprehensive report of the land of mexico

See Durand, Telles and Flashman and Suro and Singer ; County estimates used throughout this report are based on the Latino population in 1, counties with at least 1, Latinos in , according to the U.S. Census Bureau population estimates vintage , unless otherwise noted.

This report presents the findings of a desk-based, high-level analysis of the potential for It is not a comprehensive human rights assessment of the sector, nor of any specific 2 Mexico’s agricultural sector, land tenure and human rights 7 Relevant trends: changes in social land .

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The Comprehensive Plan is a long range policy document adopted and amended by the City Council. The Plan establishes a .

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