Essay about distracted driving

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Essay about distracted driving

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Expository Essay on Texting While Driving

Driver inattention contributed to an estimated percent of crashes. These numbers equate to one accident caused every 24 seconds by driving distracted from phone use. It also reported that speaking in a call while driving reduces focus on the road and the act of driving by 37 percent, irrespective of hands-free calling operation.

Soups, unwieldy burgers, and hot drinks can make steering Essay about distracted driving car impossible. From tothe number of text messages sent increased by nearly 50 percent. However, the proportion of drivers aged 35—44 who reported talking on cell phones while driving is not significantly lower than those drivers aged 18—24 who report doing so.

The parents who disclosed conducting phone calls while driving were 2. Most of the collisions and near misses that occur involve inattention as a contributing factor.

Essay about distracted driving

Visual inattention looking away from the road ahead is the single most significant factor contributing to crash and near-crash involvement. Cognitive distraction associated with listening to, or talking on, a handheld or hands-free device is associated with crashes and near-miss events to a lesser extent than is commonly believed, and such distractions may even enhance safety in some instances.

A left turn with no oncoming traffic presents a little more activation in the premotor cortex, somatosensory area, visual and parietal cortices, as well as the cerebellum.

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When oncoming traffic is introduced while trying to make a left-hand turn, there is a significant activation multiple bilateral regions in the mid-posterior braid, which includes motor and premotor areas, visual, parietal, and somatosensory regions, and the cerebellum.

When just driving straight, which showed very little brain activation without distraction, is paired with answering simple questions, there is a significant increase in brain activity in the ventrolateral prefrontal cortex bilaterally, along with the auditory cortex and parietal lobes.

There was also decreased activation in occipital-visual regions of the brain. When a left turn plus traffic, which already yielded the most activation of the undistracted driving tasks, had audio tasks added to the tasking, auditory, motor, somatosensory, visual, parietal, and cerebellar regions were activated.

There was also significant additional activation bilaterally in the anterior brain areas, mainly in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and frontal polar region. Because of this, it is important for drivers to focus on only the task at hand, driving.

Even though driving becomes a primary cognitive function, when drivers are distracted e. According to an NHTSA report, 3, people were killed andwere injured in the United States from motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers in Inthere were 23, accidents involving to year-olds, which led to deaths.

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Of these deaths, 10 percent were reported to be caused by distracted driving. Throughout the United States, over 3, deaths andinjuries annually can be attributed to distracted driving.

Essay about distracted driving

InThames Valley Police in England issued a video of a truck driver who killed a family by driving whilst using his mobile phone.

Legislation[ edit ] Thirty-nine states and the District of Columbia D. Punishments are so mild that people pay little attention.Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Distracted Driving. Distracted Driving In the last decade, accidents resulting in injuries, or death caused by distracted driving has increased drastically as technology in wireless communications has advanced.

Distracted driving is defined as operating a motor vehicle while simultaneously focusing your attention elsewhere (Goldfarb, ). One of the Chaffin Luhana Foundation’s missions is to drive down the staggering number of distracted driving accidents in the United States. The Foundation will be awarding a $2, scholarship to a student who helps us in this fight by submitting an inspiring personal essay.

Essay on The Major Problem that Is Distracted Driving - Distracted driving is a major problem that has become more of a concern for people over the years.

There are many distractions while driving for example cell phones, technology, global positioning satellite, kids and talking on the phone. Jan 17,  · And while, unfortunately, people have begun to accept such behaviors, distracted driving increases the possibility of accidents and fatalities, and murder has not yet become socially acceptable.

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