How to write a cv for web developer

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How to write a cv for web developer

how to write a cv for web developer

How to write a quality resume? Internet submissions leave their inboxes flooded with job applications and they do not have time to waste on badly written CVs and cover letters. It is this 30 second limit that dictates the content and how it is arranged: It is important to not only think twice about what to include, but also about the style of the resume.

Whether one opts for the chronological or functional type, the document has to be neat, well laid out and easy to read. Things that are most important to recruiters and employers — skills, education, work experience, character — are more effective when they are presented in such a way that they reinforce and illustrate each other.

For instance, instead of listing three separate facts — I worked as a software consultant for Firm X, my clients included X and Y, I have a keen interest in Application Z - it is both more effective and elegant to write "My work as a software consultant for Firm X has allowed me to explore my interest in Application Y and brought me several new clients and contacts.

What to include Information that each resume must include is the name, address, contact number, work experience, education and skills. Anything else — references, personal information irrelevant to the job, photographs, unrelated hobbies and activities, salary outline, objectives — is better left out unless the advertisement specifically asks for it.

The thing to keep in mind is that the three main characteristics employers look for in any prospective employee are a strong work ethic, personal integrity and good communication skills. Any personal information that does not serve to illustrate these is usually redundant. Ground rules In terms of form, these are the basic guidelines to follow: The chronological format, with work experience listed in reverse order, is still the most popular format among employers since it makes it hard for applicants to conceal any periods of unemployment or tendencies to change jobs too quickly.

Only use the functional CV, with experience and achievements broken down into specific areas e. If, for instance, you are applying for the job of IT consultant for the first time, it is never a good idea to try to fill up the resume with a list of previous jobs that had little or nothing to do with IT consulting.

The functional format gives you a better alternative, as it allows you to focus on experiences that may be related to the sector, on projects that entailed skills and knowledge relevant to the job, interests that led to your decision to apply for the position or personal attributes that may convince the recruiter that you are suitable for the job.

The specific characteristics recruiters look for in consultants are an analytical ability and interpersonal skills. When you provide the list of projects you have worked on, make sure you outline the aspects of the work that point to those attributes: It is advisable to also include a list of technologies you are familiar with or specialize in as well as the industrial sectors you have worked in.

See the example below.The driver CV example below features a HGV driver.

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This sample is intended to show drivers how to write their CVs properly. If you are unable to format and present your CV to the same standard, we can write it for you using our Tailored CV format.

how to write a cv for web developer

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Web Developer Advice. A great resume is key for success as a web developer. The resume examples below are perfect way for developers and IT professionals to create their own standout resume, regardless of their level of experience.

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We are looking for a talented Web Developer to help us create powerful, innovative and transformative websites, currently being visited by .

I'm currently working on the MOJ Intranet. Working as part of a digital team is a really exciting place to be in government. We use the latest web technology and work in a modern digital environment. Thus, the format of a web developer resume can be more “artistic” than that which would be utilized for more conservative career fields.

It should also include a tech table that lists all of the software and tools that the candidate is experienced in using for web design.

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