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History of Greenland A map of the Eastern Settlement on Greenland, covering approximately the modern municipality of Kujalleq.

There is no special reason to doubt the authority of the information that the sagas supply regarding the very beginning of the settlement, but they cannot be treated as primary evidence for the history of Norse Greenland because they embody the literary preoccupations of writers and audiences in medieval Iceland that are not always reliable.

He issued tracts of land to his followers. A smaller settlement near the Eastern Settlement is sometimes considered the Middle Settlement.

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The combined population was around 2,—3, They continued to have their own law and became almost completely independent afterthe time of the Black Death.

Inthe Norwegian Kingdom entered into a personal union with the Kingdom of Denmark. The Norse would have encountered both Native Americans the Beothukrelated to the Algonquin and the Thulethe ancestors of the Inuit.

The Dorset had withdrawn from Greenland before the Norse settlement of the island. A small ivory statue that appears to represent a European has also been found among the ruins of an Inuit community house.

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It is probable that the Eastern Settlement was defunct by the late 15th century. Several theories have been advanced to explain the decline. The Little Ice Age of this period would have made travel between Greenland and Europeas well as farming, more difficult; although fishing and seal hunting provided a healthy diet, there was more prestige in cattle farming, and there was increased availability of farms in Scandinavian countries depopulated by famine and plague epidemics.

In addition, Greenlandic ivory may have been supplanted in European markets by cheaper ivory from Africa. Not knowing whether the old Norse civilization remained in Greenland or not—and worried that if it did, it would still be Catholic years after the Scandinavian homelands had experienced the Reformation —a joint merchant-clerical expedition led by the Dano-Norwegian missionary Hans Egede was sent to Greenland in Climate and Norse Greenland[ edit ] Norse Greenlanders were limited to scattered fjords on the island that provided a spot for their animals such as cattle, sheep, goats, dogs, and cats to be kept and farms to be established.

In turn they exported goods such as walrus ivory and hide, live polar bears, and narwhal tusks. This combined with regular herd culling made it hard to maintain livestock, especially for the poorest of the Greenland Norse. There is evidence of contact as seen through the Thule archaeological record including ivory depictions of the Norse as well as bronze and steel artifacts.

However, there is essentially no material evidence of the Thule among Norse artifacts.

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A significant number of bones of marine animals can be found at the settlements, suggesting increased hunting with the absence of farmed food. Instead the Norse ensured that overgrazed or overused sections were given time to regrow and moved to other areas. With the increased need for winter fodder and smaller pastures, they would self-fertilize their lands in an attempt to keep up with the new demands caused by the changing climate.

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rewrite a paragraph free

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