Write a batch file to map network drives script

Batch files let you automate repetitive tasks and create nifty command shortcuts. Like scripts, batch files can serve as documentation of critical business procedures. While Windows Script Host is a powerful scripting and programming environment, the old-fashioned batch file can still be a useful, powerful tool in the Windows XP environment.

Write a batch file to map network drives script

How do you create a login script? This section outlines the process of creating a login script. Details and commands specific to the type of server you have are given in the Examples section which follows.

At the server which is your primary domain controller, navigate to the folder where scripts are held. Create a new text document or edit the existing one you can only have one login script.

Enter one or more lines of instructions into the file, and save it as a batch file. Assign the script to the computers that need to run it. This is usually done by means of the user profile of the person who normally logs in to that workstation.

Example of how to create login scripts The examples below describe how to create login scripts on the following servers; WindowsWindowsand NetWare. If a login script already exists, you must edit it by adding the necessary commands.

Windows Create the login script At the Domain Controller i. On the 'File' menu, select New Text Document.


Double-click the 'New Text Document' icon to open this new file in Notepad. Enter the required commands. On the 'File' menu, click 'Save As'.

write a batch file to map network drives script

In the 'Save As' dialog box, change 'Save as type' to 'All Files' and save the file with the name login. In the 'Control Panel' window, double-click 'Administrative Tools'. In the Name list, right-click the name of a user that needs to have the login script assigned to them. In the menu that is displayed, select 'Properties'.

In the '[user] Properties' dialog box where [user] is the name of the user you right-clickedclick the Profile tab. In the 'Logon script' text box, type 'login. Now repeat this procedure for each user to whom you want to assign the login script.

The next time those users log in, the login script will run on their computers. On the File menu, select New Text Document. Double-click the 'New Text Document' icon to open it in Notepad. NetWare At a workstation, run NwadmnJul 16,  · need a batch file or script that will allow me to map a network drive with.

a differnt user name and password at statup. i know a VBS script will do this but i am unable to place this script on one domain controler. Trying to write batch file that will disconnect a network drive and uninstall a program. I can uninstall the softwate from "Add/Remove Programs" but how do I do this from a batch file.

For the disconnect network drive i have the script below, but it keeps on asking for a confirmation to disconnect how can i make it so it just does it. Sep 01,  · I need to write a batch file to use for different users which will create a mapped network drive to a file server but when it runs it should ask me for a username and password so that the user only has access to the folders that they have permission to open.

Hi, I don't know if a batch file can do this, but if you run this VBS via a login script, it will look for the next available drive letter, map it to a specific shared folder, run the VBS that requires the mapped drive (hopefully not letter dependant!), and then remove the mapped drive.

Nov 14,  · Back in the Netware days I used to write batch files to map drives all the time, but the map command doesn't seem to be available on Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate (which is the new system I .

Install Network Printers Via Batch File or Command Line in Windows 7/8 and Server Posted November 21, by Jimmy S in Batch file programming, Windows installation, Windows networking As a desktop administrator, I like to automate as many tasks as possible.

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